Trevis Brendmoe is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter.

When Trevis entered the entertainment industry at the tender age of 16, the response was immediate. Producers, songwriters, and choreographers saw this young mans talent and drive. Now, after two years in studios, Trevis is ready to take on the entertainment industry.

Trevis is a natural performer and captivates the audience with his energetic performance, dance and singing, much like his idols Justin Timberlake, Usher, Chris Brown and Bruno Mars.

Trevis is a hard-working young man who takes pride in collaborating. His goals are always to be determined, dedicated, focused and grow as an artist. This and his passion for his music makes him a sought-after artist with a bright future in the entertainment industry.

World traveler, Trevis´ influences are not only present in his personality and music. His journey started in his native Norway and with his family, continued to travel most of the world and has seen and shared its cultures from a very young age. Trevis was exposed to the music and cultures of over 106 countries which account for his diverse musical style and leanings. Music and performance have always been around him and shaped him as a person and artist. Not being from one place, Trevis is inspired by many genres of music. music, i.e. Pop, Rock, Blues, RnB and Rap. Since the tender age of eleven, he has been involved in everything to do with music, from producing, writing, playing instruments, singing, rapping etc.

Trevis Brendmoe has been taking dance lessons (Misha Gabriel, Anze Scrube & Quickstyle), performance rehearsals (Varren Wade), songwriting lessons (Ryan Toby), vocal lessons (Ron Anderson) and acting classes (Alex Herron) from a young age. He has recorded with several GRAMMY Award-winning producers and he just wowed the audience as he performed with David Foster, Chicago, and Siedah Garrett at the Race to Erase gala to benefit MS.

His musical talent was realized as a youngster and by the time he was 11, he knew it was his calling.  He began to write music, learn several instruments, record and perform, with success. Based on several focus groups studied, Trevis’ target audience stretches from13-year-olds to the early to mid-20s. His talent, potential and constant progression will surely make him one to watch in future.